We love to share great news from all of the awesome special needs providers in our county, and here is a story from Advocates for Success, LLC (AFS).

OCALI spotlighted the talents of artists with disabilities at Ocalicon 2021. AFS was selected for the Ocalicon Artist Spotlight!

AFS showcased a drumming class with Mr. Howell from Claymont City School District and Special Need for Music.

The performance aired on 11/16/21 at 12:15pm. As part of the Ocali celebration of 15 years of transforming inspiration into action, OCALICON seeks to highlight and showcase the work and talents of artists with disabilities.

The 2021 Artist Spotlight features video performances from artists, musicians, and performers who are on the autism spectrum or have a sensory or low-incidence disability.

To view the Artist Spotlight performances, tune into the OCALICON Live Stream.

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