A Special Need For Music is Now Available!

Based on practical experience and written in an easy-to-read style, this book will show you how anyone can share music. There is no musical background required. We don’t use written sheet music or complicated musical terms. Readers will gain an understanding of how this method started by teaching one student with autism and evolved to help students with special nxeeds of all ages.

You will learn how to play basic hand drums and percussion instruments and how to apply those techniques to lessons with real songs. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or an advocate for success, this book will help you fill the special need for music in your life.

Author Jim Howell has been teaching band and music since 1998. His methods for teaching music to students with special needs have been presented at Milestones National Autism Conference, the Texas Autism Conference, and OCALICON, the nation’s premiere autism and disabilities conference. Most recently Jim presented at OCALICONLINE 2022, an online conference available to over 16,000 participants from 50 countries. Jim’s session s available from November 15 to December 15th, 2022. OCALI stands for Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence.

Jim currently teaches music and band at Osnaburg Local Schools in East Canton, Ohio and also visits Advocates for Success in New Philadelphia, Ohio. Advocates for Success is a service center for individuals with disabilities that focuses on self-development, personal interests, employment experiences, and more. At AFS, Jim shares music for eight-week sessions and prepares a concert each season. The staff at AFS use the material that Jim provides each season for their own music classes they host each week after his sessions are complete.

Check out www.SpecialNeedforMusic.com for more information and links to our social media. Stay in touch for upcoming lessons and presentations!

In the picture below, Jim’s mom Kris Howell shows you the book that’s available here:


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